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Community Spirit

     Timber Ridge has been evolving through various paces since its beginnings in the 1960s.  Today, most of its residents have a commonality of goals with but small differences.   The home dwellings of more recent years have been very much larger and much more expensive than the earlier houses.  There are only a few waterfront lots available and most of these have been recently built upon or show signs of major improvements.  And the houses built adjoining the Golf greens are in greater number.  

Get Active in your Neighborhood Watch Program

     Neighborhood Watch is a multifaceted program directed toward reducing residential burglary and other crimes of opportunity.  It attempts to create a feeling of community among neighborhood residents.  It encourages the observation and reporting of suspicious and criminal activity to law enforcement.  The Neighborhood Watch program provides the opportunity for members of the neighborhood to spend time together and have an officer from the Crime Prevention Bureau explain proper home security measures and tips on altering the home environment to achieve greater security.  
     In addition, participants receive information on local crime issues, how to identify and report suspicious activity, and basic information related to police services and other topics of interest to the group.   
     To help meet community needs, Neighborhood Watches can sponsor meetings that address broader issues such as drug abuse, gangs, self-protection tactics, isolation of the elderly, crime in the schools, and rape prevention.  Subsequent meetings can be designed to address needs such as personal safety, vandalism, child safety concerns and quality of life issues.  
     Everyone should be Involved -- young and old, single and married.  Gain support from the police or sheriffs' office.  This is critical to a Watch group's credibility. These agencies are the major sources of information on local crime patterns, home security, other crime prevention education, and crime reporting.
     Physical conditions like abandoned cars or overgrown vacant lots contribute to crime. Sponsor cleanups, encourage residents to beautify the area, and ask them to turn on outdoor lights at night.
     It's essential to celebrate the success of the effort and recognize volunteers' contributions through such events as awards, annual dinners, and parties.

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